Are you looking for a speaker who can shift perspectives, challenge beliefs and create new possibilities? It doesn’t just take an experience or a hardship to inspire, it takes a different understanding of life and circumstances. Rosa Maria Kallas has challenged all concepts of society, religion and social expectations a person gets programed to fulfill from an early age. She traveled nomadically in search for her purpose when all her friends were partying til dawn she refused for marriage to be her way of having a life and opened her own office against her parents will, she stood against discrimination and prejudicism for her being a middle eastern woman, unmarried and politically unbiased in the workplace.

She took herself and her own truth as a point of reference, putting aside material, mental and emotional clutter.

As an inspirational speaker, she takes the audience on an adventurous, personal journey from despair to hope of personal transformation.

She combines the raw truth with comedy in an energizing and uplifting way; allowing everyone to see their own journey within hers and find new inspiration and implementable techniques to utilize in their own lives.

With fearless honesty, Rosa Maria describes the limiting beliefs she had and how they pushed her down to the extent of losing all hope and what she did to turn her life around and succeed in fulfilling her dreams. Rosa Maria’s honesty, warmth and high energy onstage is contagious, and audiences come away knowing and feeling that they can turn their lives around. Each person in the room is armed with immediate implementable techniques they can use to transform their own lives.

Rosa Maria speaks on renewing your relationship with yourself, letting go of your dreams, overcoming adversity, inspiration, hope, and personal empowerment.





Guillaume Perdrix

“I talked to Rosa with no expectations and without any prior conversations, she was able to pin point the exact trigger that leads to my unsettlement. Understand emotional reactions, her a simple advice helped me to gain a tool that has since then impacted my emotional reactions and turned them into strengths”

Rita Keyrouz

“I attended many courses with Rosa Maria she is genuine while dealing with people and not just doing a job. She is versatile with tactics and knowledgeable. NLP is delivered by her in a very effective way.”

Manal Al Rahi

“Working with Rosa has really helped me touch base with myself. She helped me overcome personal limits and beliefs that were holding me back from experiencing my full potential. Rosa’s honesty, genuineness and loving nature reflects in her work. Her pure energy is contagious and she has helped me discover my drive and motive to act in my life and direct and dedicate my awareness towards that.”

Chloe Bouchikian

“My journey in coaching with Rosa was transformational. It gave me insight and more clarity on my goals and mission in life. It truly opened me up to different perspectives and opportunities. She was wonderful and coached me with real passion and care!”

Paola Majdalani and Joelle Rizkallah, co-founders of WIF

“Rosa Maria is a highly experienced trainer who is able to hold a large number of participants at a time. The program provides a wide choice of subjects to interest people in different fields. She is effective in capturing the participants’ attention using smart and tactical methods.

Finally, she is very charismatic and self confident which makes the program very enjoyable.”