Rosa Maria Kallas is a freedom seeker, her passion for emotions and breaking emotional bondage, releasing triggers and discovering the nature of the true self has lead her to gain many certifications and extensive experience in the field of personal growth.

Rosa Maria Kallas is a certified NLP Master Practitioner from the Society of NLP Richard Bandler, A certified Global NLP Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Licensed Hypnotherapist.


Rosa Maria Kallas is the founder of Brainswitch, a leading corporate training company in the field of Social and Emotional Intelligence. Brainswitch prides in delivering innovating training programs based on gamification and Neuro-Linguistic Programing. In Lebanon, Brainswitch has collaborated with international NGOs, the Lebanese government as well as the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and has established an exceptional reputation making its way into university curriculums.

Brainswitch’s training programs are specifically tailored according to the cultural background, mindset and needs of the Middle East, which sets them apart and makes their training programs relatable, practical and market-efficient.


Rosa Maria Kallas is the co-founder of MBH Retreats, exclusive retreats held twice per year, each time in a different location worldwide.

MBH Retreats is more than a group of self development experts getting together with a select group of participants transcending limitations, answering mind boggling questions and releasing emotional blockages, it is a supportive network that welcomes every individual willing to invest in their own growth, willing to transcend their own limitations and searching for a life of freedom away from a reactive existence into a proactive life.